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Nick White
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Nick White



November 26, 2016

Time goes on and now four years since Nicholas' unsolved murder.  We haven't heard anything from the police in many years.  Not on their priority list.  They have many detectives with $20-30 thousand dollars of overtime a year.  For what, I don't know.  We still go on searching for any little pieces of information which may at some point turn into something.

December 25th 2014

I hope that each of you had a Merry Christmas. 

I had intended on adding this to Nicholas’ web site for Christmas, but

the site ended up having two days of maintenance where I was not allowed

to sign on.


     We continue to miss our son, and we know you too also have a special place in

your memories of him.  The DMPD have not released any additional information

to us for quite some time.  I know that we become impatient at times, and it is

difficult to understand how the system works, or how and why events occur

as they do.  I cannot explain why bad things happen.  They just do.  I know they

make us stronger in a number of ways.  Many of us have lost loved ones and I cannot

say that my pain is any worse than yours.  In the book Heaven, by Randy Alcorn, he writes

that “for some, life on this earth is the closest some will ever come to experiencing Heaven. 

For others, it is the closest they will ever experience Hell.”  I think I have experienced Hell.


     We know that Nicholas accepted Christ a number of years ago.  We know that we will see

him soon in Heaven when we are with the Lord since our time on this earth is short and really just the blink of an eye.


Ron and Nita White



 I talked to a Polk County Crime Stoppers board member today.  Some rules have changed for them when posting rewards for information and convictions.  They have moved Nick's story to the front welcome page and make note that PCCS will pay a $1000 reward for an arrest and conviction, and we as his parents will pay an additional $4000 reward.  Total reward is $5000 now.



 I talked to a Polk County Crime Stoppers board member today.  He actually brought up an interesting thought.  If there are roomates and friends that are no longer willing to talk to the police, or fear that they may incriminate themselves, he suggested that they enter an anonymous tip on Polk County crime stoppers.  It is completely anonymous.  There is no possible way that anyone can tell who submitted the tip.  With that said, I am including the link to the PCCS tip page.  Something to think about.








 Today marks one year ago that Nicholas was murdered.


We have increased the reward offered through Polk County Crime Stoppers to $5000 for the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for Nicholas' death.  The Crime Stoppers web site will be updated to reflect this in a few days, and it will be aired on the radio.

Ron & Nita


It is very sad to live through the death of your own child.  Knowing that they never had the chance or opportunity to experience a family of their own.  Having a wife and experiencing the birth and life of his child and his child's children.  Opportunities taken away from him and his family.  It is disturbing that there are people in this area that would think nothing about taking a life. They are a sociopath, but unfortunately in today's society this does not seem to be that uncommon.


As if this event can be any more frustrating with the questions, thoughts, loss, and hurt that my entire family and Nick's friends feel and live with, I also deal with the frustration of the Des Moines Police Department.  At first, they were very kind and helpful, but as time went on after the event contact has become rare.  The last contact I received from them was by email on July 30th and only came about in response to an email I sent.  Perhaps this will just be added to their list of unsolved cold cases.  This case didn't fall in their laps.  I sent another email yesterday, but no response yet.  This is not unexpected.  I'm sure when they do respond, it will be the usual, "we've been really busy with all the other recent homicides and we have to travel out of town allot."



Added two more pictures.  I had 200 fliers printed today that we will distribute in some areas reminding, or informing people who are not aware of what happened almost a year ago.


 I added a few pictures today.



  I added two pictures at the end of the list.

In the last chapter and last verse of Ecclesiastes it is written.

 For God will bring every act to judgement, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.

                                                                                                     Ecclesiastes 12:14


  Sorry, I know it has been awhile since any updates.  I go to the site daily, but I must admit I am at a loss for words.  I do not have any positive information that I can share.  I did add a picture tonight of Nicholas from almost a year ago under Nicholas Thanksgiving 2012.  I hope to update the site more often.  Stay well.

Ron & Nita White



To my son's friends and others:

 To the males that were my son's friends.  You might grow some BALLS and talk to the police.  They are only concerned about my son's homicide.  Ernie Mueller, Randy Watson, Wade Stagner.



The Nicholas White scholarship, setup by my brother Mike and his wife Rhonda, will be awarded tonight at Southeast Polk High School.  Thank you.  I wish the recipient a wonderful future.



Something that I was informed of from the DMPD.  The two people who had contact with my son during that LAST 2 HOURS OF HIS LIFE both REFUSED a polygraph.  Hmm.  Friends? 



On 4/25/13  Homicide detective came to my office at my work and spent about 20 minutes there in my office.  We had arranged to have a CD copy of Nicholas' laptop that we requested.  We talked about a number of things.  One part of our conversation centered around 911 calls that the dispatchers receive.  I really feel good about this detective, although I sometimes cause him grief.


4/8/13  Added a You Tube video under links.


4/6/13 Purchasing a headstone or grave marker.

Well, we both selected a headstone or monument for Nicholas today and paid for it.  We visited with a couple of companies over the last month or two.  Much like the funeral they are not cheap, but we went with Winterset Monument Company.  They were very down to earth and we felt they were very honest and helpful.  It will be in place by Memorial Day.   A picture of Nicholas, that we will have on the monument may or may not be ready by then, but at least that is behind us and we can move on with other business related to his estate.  He really didn't have much of anything, but it is still a required process.

 3/13/13  Nicholas White murder.
I've known this for months, but one of my son's roomates declined to take a lie detector test.  You would think that they would want to help out their murdered friend more than anyone. In addition to the fact that the person was in the house when the murder occurred.  I think that they would want to exonerate themselves.

3/1/13   I was on a 2.5 hour call yesterday with someone that gave me an insight in the SWAG team gang in Des Moines and their encounters with my son and dealings with friends of my son.

2/24/13  Update added to 2/6 and 2/24 today..

2/24/13  Dealing with Death for those left behind.

Since our son's death almost three months ago, I have never asked our Lord why my son was murdered.  I probably never will ask the Lord, and once I arrive in Heaven I will not ask since it will not matter. We will be together again.

Ron White

2/17/13 Nicholas would have turned 21 today.

We love you and miss you!

Dad and Mom


2/10/13 Death Certificate

Last Wednesday, as I was getting off work, I had just settled into my car in the parking lot when my cell phone rang.  It was the funeral home.  They had finally released his death certificate from the coroner. Without it, I cannot proceed to fulfill the requirements of the State even though he had no assets.  I told them I would pick it up in about 15 minutes.  I arrived and received it from them.  Sitting in my car at the funeral home parking lot, I realize that a death certificate from a coroner is nothing in comparison with a birth certificate from a hospital.  It gave details, some which I was aware of, and some which I was not.  To me it was a horror movie on a legal document.  We will continue our quest to find, charge, and convict the murderer to life in prison.  I only wish I could do the same thing to the murderer that they did to my son.  Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.

Forgive me Lord!!

2/6/13 Phone call with DMPD detective supervisor

After picking up the death certificate, I sent an email to a number of people at the DMPD.  A supervisor called me the next day.  He was very kind and reassuring.  The case has shifted gears in the investigation, but he explained that they all do.. It is hectic at first dealing with all the information available, then they shift down a gear and re-examine every detail and word said by anyone interviewed.  It is a very time consuming and slow process.  I do not watch CSI shows on TV and never have, but he said it's nothing like TV.  Still waiting on the Crime Lab to return their findings on evidence submitted to them.

2/1/13 Nick's email address.

Perhaps an odd thing to ask, but if you know of any email address's Nick used in the last 12 months, please email them to us via the "Email Us" link on this website.  We would either text him or call him, but never had a reason to use email.

thank you,

 Ron White

1/27/13 My family

I do want to say, in the sincerest of ways, how much I appreciate all of our family members and friends.  Everyone has sacrificed something.  Some more than others, but then they always have been that way.  It has been difficult times for all of us.

I do want to thank my brother, Mike White.  He has devoted much time into trying to find some answers, or just asking questions.  I so much appreciate that effort, yet we need to keep in mind that our public servents apparently can be very sensitive about inquiries.  Also, it will not be ONE person that solves this case, but a group.

Also, to Carmen McConnell who put her life on hold to fly here immediatly after our request and spent two weeks here.  We can never repay or thank you enough for that!

Also, to our parents.  I know that it is as hard on you, as it is on us.  I am so sorry for this pain.

Ron White

1/26/13  Two months since Nicholas was murdered on 11/26/13

Still no charges have been filed against the suspect.  Less than a month away it would have been his 21st birthday.  For his present, we will be deciding on a tombstone so that it will be placed prior to Memorial Day this year.  I miss him so much.



1/21/13 Crime Stoppers Website.

  Nicholas picture, details, and crime tip contact information were added to the Polk County Crime Stoppers website today.  Click on "Links" and find the listing to connect to the website.  He is listed under "unsolved crimes". 




1/16/13  Thinking about my son.


I composed this thinking of my son Nicholas tonight.  January 16, 2013 (51 days after his murder)

Death and Dying.

What you do today, tomorrow, or next month has an impact on those who know you and are left behind.  Although it is not by good deeds one is allowed into Heaven, it leaves a lasting impact on those close to you and left behind in this world.  It doesn’t matter how young or old you are!  Be kind and love one another as the Lord commanded.  Have I lost you yet?

We hear often of a world gone crazy from multiple child murders at school, kidnapping, 9-11, and it does not end.

Unfortunately, my son Nicholas was murdered recently, but in the prior 9-12 months of his life, he apparently had a huge impact on everyone around him.  The detectives could not find anyone who disliked him or would want to hurt him from statements of those who knew him.  Apparently people gravitated to him and loved to be in his company.  He had over 400 people at his visitation.

We should all live our lives as if at any moment we may not be here.  We all hear of this too often, when   our family and friends may die from murder, car accidents, COPD, heart attacks, and cancer.  A number of us have experienced this pain and the life they lived left behind.  What reflection did that life give back?  What will you give back or learn from that life?

Treat and love one another with compassion and kindness and it will grow.  If you hate, despise, envy, cheat, steal, just to name a few, it is like a cancer on everyone around us.

Help the young that are fatherless or motherless, love and care for the aged, feed and nourish the poor, love the homeless, forgive the sinner, have compassion for the mentally ill, and forgive all as our Lord has forgiven you.  At this point, I find forgiveness of some sins unforgivable, and they can only be forgiven by the Lord.  It is beyond my mind.

How do you want your family and friends to remember you, or what impact from you do you wish to continue on this earth?

It’s not an easy path.  I can attest to that!

Finally, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour, so that you may have eternal life?  Do not wait until it is too late.  It could be today. 

 I submit this in the name of my son, Nicholas White, on this day.

Ron White


1/9/13   Call with DMPD Detectives

            Des Moines Police Detectives are methodically dotting the I's and crossing the T's as

            they say.  They want to make their case stick when presented by the county attorney.



Meeting at Des Moines Police Department  today.

We had a two hour meeting with three detectives today.  We came out of the meeting with a very positive feeling from the information they shared.

I also came out of the meeting with two traffic tickets.  Didn't think I would be in there for more than an hour and a half.  Oh well.....



Nick White Murder

 Since there has not been a resolution to this case as of this time, we are certain the perpetrator(s) are very nervous and hopefully are feeling the intense pressure from their conscience (if they have one) to do the right thing and tell the police. We also understand that in many instances, criminals tell friends or their friends simply begin to “put the pieces together” and become suspicious. If you are reading this and you have details that will help the police find this murderer, fill out the contact sheet on this web site or contact the Des Moines Police .